Saturday, December 18, 2010

What to Wear: Larger or Smaller?

So one of the major reoccurring themes in plus size fashion is whether or not to just wear huge clothes to feel smaller or trick people into thinking you're smaller, or if you should go fitted to minimize the bulk and show how proud you are of your curves. But some people [including me] don't always have curves they should be proud of, so what to do?

Well for me, it all depends on the occasion. For school I tend to want to wear larger things because I'm usually too lazy to get dressed up or be confident. But every once in awhile I do try to work it in skinnies and a button up or something. This case happened to be neither. I decided to play up the sexiness of these boots (given to me by Akira, buy them at by adding an oversized H&M tee. The thing about this top is that the way it hangs and the thin fabric don't add any bulk, and the large beaded eagle takes away from your size a little bit. Since the boots are so skin tight I pretty much had to wear a skirt and I thought this leather/fabric combo was perfect for the look. It is super highwaisted so it also worked similar to spanx in this case.

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Jumping Feet First

So I started my first blog Rings and Rivets a year ago this month, and after attempting to fully immerse my self in the blogosphere via twitter and lots of browsing, I realized that every successful blogger has a niche. Whether it be their personality, style of dress, or awesome skills, they all have something .

So that is where this comes in. My first blog was (is?) very scatterbrained, a lot like me. But this blog I'm actually going to attempt to have some cohesion. So what is my niche? Well, I decided to look at clothes and fashion from the eyes of someone who is "plus-size", which I am. I never really considered my size when blogging before because I knew I was never going to own the gorgeous bodycon dresses I was posting, or have to balance on the impossibly skinny heels. And believe me, I am not a bitter person. I love fashion whether it fits me or not, but I'm hoping through this blog I can maybe impact some girls who don't think they're the perfect fit (ha!) for fashion. Even better, I would love to meet people who could have a positive impact on me, and be able to form a connection with my readers, which I wasn't able to do before.

So, here goes nothing!